What the rexing dash cam can do for you

The Rexing S300 stands out from other competing brands because of its unique combination of features. It has a wedge shape that makes it easy to install and an adhesive mounting pad that provides permanent mounting. The rotatable lens captures a large area with its wide lens range. Unsurprisingly, the dash cam operates well both
day and night due to its HD quality video. Multiple venting gills make the DVR work well even in extreme temperatures.

Product features

  • Heat resistance

The REXING S300 1080P Dash Cam Pro has a number of air vents that prevent heat from building up. Apart from that, the dash cam has a Li-polymer battery that can work well at a wide range of temperature. In fact, the S300 cam can run for over six hours equally at -40 degree and 170 degrees.

Gravity sensing and memory lock

Dash cams are a necessary accessory in cars and trucks that travel long distances. The Rexing S300 is able to detect changes in gravity including sudden braking, acceleration, and sharp turns. These two features are crucial when providing evidence in case of an accident. The full HD video is locked thus preventing it from being overwritten in a normal loop recording. When a change in gravity is detected, the events recorded are locked in the memory card.

Camera lens

With a 170 degree viewing angle, the Rexing S300 gives a highly detailed picture of the road. Nothing goes unnoticed with the all-seeing lens of this camera. A slowly merging vehicle, a car making a U-turn or a vehicle breaking a lane is easily noticed and this ensures general road safety. It has a six glass lens that works well even in dark conditions. An infrared filter lens prevents fogging even after the DVR has recorded for many hours. The dash cam has very good night vision; it captures fine details in poor light. Posts and signs are also captured in the darkest of night.

Wide Dynamic Range

It has an ultra-wide angle of view at 170 degrees. Mount one at the front and another one at the back and you get an unhindered view of the road. The dash cam has great Wide Dynamic Range technology. It can pick up numerous levels of light almost close to a good digital camera.


It starts recording immediately after ignition. The video is recorded with full HD
resolution capturing even small details vividly such as the license and in case
of an accident, the face of the causer.

Weight and dimensions

3The dash cam has a sleek design that prevents obstruction of the driver while in his seat it weighs around 4.8 ounces with dimensions of 5.1×3.1×1.6” It comes with whistles and bells that speed up the installation process. The dials and buttons are strategically placed. It also has a large LCD screen that allows you to play saved videos.

In conclusion, the Rexing S300 is a must have in every car; those long distances will be less tedious, and you can record good scenic drives. Even with the high pricing, this dash cam is totally worth it. It provides better security and protection when driving. What are you waiting for? Buy one today and enjoy these benefits.…

worker, injured

Ways Mobile Technology Can Improve Construction Safety

A mobile safety application can improve safety in construction sites in the ways discussed below.

Democratizes Construction Safety Knowledge and Increases Responsibility

With a mobile application, everyone in the construction site can access instant, accurate and up to date information. The application can as well allow coordination such that workers can change safety conditions in the central planning team and send the information to people in the field with ease. Knowledge is power, and it increases safety. The application creates a sense of responsibility and ownership for quality safety data. Also, safety information can be decentralized and collaborated in the field by sub-contractors, third-party stakeholders, and field personnel.

Increases Field Efficiency

accidentIt is easy to control things when everyone has all safety information in the palm of their hands. No one will be required to assemble reports or transcribe notes. Well set up applications allow safety checklists through the application, making data collection efficient and fast. Time saved here can be used to take care of more productive activities.

Enables the Use of Leading Indicators

Currently, many companies use lagging indicators to track and understand their safety measures. Well, it is important to address the issues as they occur, but it is better if you prevented them from happening. Well set up mobile applications allow field workers to report site conditions as they happen. This improves the quality and timeliness of data used for analysis. The safety team will be aware of possible infractions, incidents and near misses.

Improves Communication

Communication between the field and project office will be greatly improved. For instance, when someone in the field notices a safety issue, they will be able to notify those in the office immediately. The same case applies if an issue is noticed from the office. Those who might be affected by the situation will be notified ASAP. There is very little time between identification of issues and when they are reported means accuracy and timely responses.

Enables More Safety Training and Meetings in the Field

construction workersIt is easy to handle safety training and briefings when you have all the data with you. It is even best because the meetings are contacted in the field where the context of the meeting lies. The quality and efficiency of the meetings and training will be improved. iReportSource – Construction Safety App is among the best construction safety applications in the market. Gone are the times when safety was managed with emails, excel, and paper. Switching to safety applications saves your company time, cost and action.…

Video Conversion

How to Convert Mov Videos to Avi

It is essential to understand that MOV video format is popular because it offers excellent features that are beneficial to users. Therefore, if you have a movie that is in a MOV format, then you need to install the additional software that will help to play the MOV files. Also, if you want to upload your movie that is in the MOV format, then ensure that you know how to convert it to AVI. This is because AVI is the most popular video format that is used all over. When you are converting your videos, make sure that you use the Movavi video converter.

Movavi video converter is the most uncomplicated conversion software you can use because it provides additional features to users. If you are a beginner, make sure that you know the basic tips you need to consider when converting your videos or movies. Below are the 3 easy steps you need to follow when converting your MOV videos to AVI.

1. Add Video

Add a videoWhen you are converting a MOV video, the first step you need to consider is adding a video or various videos that you want to convert to AVI. But before you add your videos, you need to ensure that you have installed the Movavi video converter that will help you when it comes to encoding MOV to AVI. You can download this program file. After you have downloaded it, make sure that you follow the given instructions to install it correctly.

2. Specify the Output Video Preset

Once you have added the videos you want to convert, the next step you are recommended to consider is choosing a preset. When it comes to selecting a video preset, you will realize that AVI has various groups of different presets. It is your responsibility to choose the desired preset with the code and resolution that suit your requirements. But it is advisable to select a preset that is just the same as the source.

3. Run the Mov- To- Avi Conversion

Convert the videoThis is the final step. After you have followed the steps mentioned above, you need to click the convert option that is in the bottom right corner of the program to convert your files to the new format. Once you clicked on the convert option, you need to check on the conversion progress. After this process is complete, you will have converted your videos or files to AVI or MP4.…

Benefits of online computer racing games

The online gaming has been one of the results of penetration of technology. There are lots of racing games that the gaming enthusiast can play online. What is needed is a computer with excellent specifications and a stable internet connection. The online computer gaming is currently under siege with many companies coming up with the console gaming which enables gamers to play their favorite game offline. The competition between the online gaming and console gaming has led to tremendous growth in this industry. The Real Racing 3 pc is one of the most popular racing games. Let us look at some of the benefits of online computer racing games;


Free racing games


If you are a fan of racing games, then you should consider the online games. There are lots of free racing games on the internet. You just need to do a little background check so that you get the legit websites. Online gaming is an excellent alternative for individuals who do not have sufficient cash to purchase the costly gaming console. You will get different types of racing games on the internet that are free of charge. If you want better features when taking part in the free racing games, you can unlock the features by upgrading to premium.

Regular updates

One characteristic of the computer systems is that they are never 100 percent. There is always room for improvement. One of how programmers make the improvements is by rolling out the programs and acting on the users’ feedback and experience. Playing the online computer racing games is much better than playing the offline games. The team developers are always working behind the scene to fix the bugs and ensure that the games run smoothly. The regular updates on the games will make you enjoy the racing. This is unlike the console gaming which takes time to update. If you want to stay updated, you may be required to purchase another console.

Member community


The other advantage of playing the online racing game is that you have access to the member’s community who are racing enthusiast just like yourself. You get to meet different people from various parts of the world whereby you brainstorm on several issues and assist each other. In most of the online racing games joining these communities is free of charge. What you only need is an active internet connection.



Ways of Downloading Videos

Youtube.com is the most famous video hosting and sharing site. It is also the third in the list of the most popular websites in the world. YouTube’s success stems from its ease and convenience of searching for and watching videos online. While it is very easy to find and watch videos online on YouTube, the same cannot be said about the ease of downloading videos. While it might be possible to save movies for offline viewing, YouTube does not offer the option of downloading these videos the normal way for free; you may be required to pay a certain amount of money to view them.

For this reason, there have emerged other sites that will enable you to download YouTube videos to your PC seamlessly. Below are several ways that you can use to download videos from YouTube without much hassle:


youtubeOne of such sites is saveFrom.net.  You are also able to get quality videos depending on your preference; ranging from low quality to high-quality videos. To download a video, go to YouTube and search for the video that you wish to download. Once you have found it, copy its link. Open on another tab the Savefrom.net site. There will be a place where you can paste the link and press enter. The video will appear with a download option. Click on the option and then select which size you want to download depending on its quality.

Ummy video downloader

For this, you will first need to download the summary video downloader free program. Go through the installation program guides following them on each point. After you are done installing, you will be prompted to install an extension. Once this is done, you will be able to download videos from the YouTube homepage through a download button at the bottom of every page. This method is however limited to Windows XP, Vista, 7 and eight users only.


This is another easy way to use the site when looking to download YouTube videos. All you need to is open the YouTube site and search for the videos that you want. After getting them, just add a “ss” on the address after www., just before the word YouTube. For example, instead of having www.youtube.com/watch, it reads www.ssyoutube.com/watch. You will be able to download videos to your device at a click of the download button.

Tyoutube videoshe above are some of the many easy ways that you can use to get videos on YouTube. All you need to do is to choose one that works for you. When downloading a video, it is important to ensure that you don’t infringe the copyright laws as this may lead to bigger problems that may end up in you being prosecuted. Be therefore on the lookout for those videos that have been copyright protected. Lastly, YouTube has many users. This increases the risk of malware on the site or others affiliated with YouTube. You may, therefore, need to have a robust anti-malware program on your PC.…

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Router

It does not matter whether you are upgrading your home network or installing a new one, the most important thing is the wireless router or a modem router combo.In fact, it is the difference between a flawless network and one, which offers you trouble. If you are interested in upgrading your home network, the following are things to consider when purchasing a new router.

Buying a router

ISP router

tg3edf7vu3e8922Your Internet Service Provider will provide you with a wireless router, which you will find to be less or more serviceable. However, if you want to stick with this type of router, you will find it to be costly in the long-run. Even if they offer you a free modem router, it is better to purchase your own for better performance and speed.

You should note that purchasing your internet equipment does not guarantee high performance. However, it will save you a lot of money in the long-run.

Changing wireless standards

For the past decade, standards of wireless technology have greatly changed. For example, we have smartphones, tablets, and newer tablets that utilize the new standards. Thus, they can connect to high speeds. When upgrading your mobile device and computer, you should check whether they can support your router.

Lifespan of a router

g23wedfcuwe8dj2222Networking hardware does not last forever. Other than standards changing on a frequent basis, networking hardware undergoes a lot of stress on the daily basis. Remember that your internet connection is stretched across a broad range of computers, smartphone, tablets, gaming console, and other streaming devices. When you add more devices such as smart lights, the load continues to increase, and the performance of your router can degenerate.


Price of wireless routers ranges from $20 to about $400. In this case, your budget and needs are the determinants. It is not a good idea to choose a super high-end router to average consumers. An average router goes for about $150.


The way you position your router is quite important. It ought to have a central location and far from other gadgets and obstructions. No matter how good positioning you have done, you are likely to find dead spots within your house. In this case, it is advisable to buy two affordable routers and Ethernet cables. Also, power-line adapters can extend your network to the hard-to-reach areas.…


Considerations when hiring a rental IT solution company

For anyone holding or planning an event, there is a lot of planning that needs to take place to ensure it is successful. One needs to secure venues, get different providers and vendors who will provide different materials and aspects of the event or occasion. This requires one to consider different factors to be able to screen and get the right people for the job. It could be one is planning a workshop, conference, corporate event like a product launch, cocktail, awards gala or any other event. One provider that could be on the list of those to hire could be a rental IT solution company. Such a company will provide a range of IT solutions like meeting equipment, screens like touch screens, wall screens and video projection equipment, computer rentals services and a range of other IT equipment. Below are some considerations for one to evaluate when hiring such a company.

Hiring a rental IT solution company

Experience and reputation


Experience is vital in this industry. One needs to know how long the company has been in service. This will guarantee that the rental IT solution company has the skill and expertise to provide and set up the equipment for the event to be a success. One does not want to be disappointed due to lateness or use or wrong equipment. Get to read reviews about the company and find out there reputation. A positive reputation is a good indication of excellent service to be expected.

Equipment to be provided

One needs to ensure that the company has the equipment and resources they intend to rent from them. Do the equipment belong to the rental IT solution company or are they also getting them from another source? Likewise, verify that they are in good working condition. Do a run test to avoid disappointments on the actual day of the event.

Professionalism and customer service

Access the company’s professionalism and customer service first by how they handle you and answer your questions. Find out what team will be setting up on the event day and whether they will be present during the whole event. This is to ensure that they will be technical support when there is a need.

Cost of the service

,xxmxmxmxmxxmmFinally, consider the cost. Get quotes from a few companies. Do not just consider the lowest cost, but also the reputation and quality of service from the companies reputation. Ensure to have a contract with the company, stating the equipment you will be renting, the day of the event, cost and payment terms and a guarantee of service terms.…


What Human Resources Is All About

Traditionally, the human resource was all about leadership, cohesiveness and the productivity of the organization. The organizational structure, the allocation of power among the managers and the profitability levels were the major compositions of human resources. But today this system has changed due to its consequences and effects on the performance and productivity levels of workers.

Role of human resources

2f3wed5te6dy72u3w82Today, human resources are all about employees and not the company. Employee satisfaction, motivation, and performance have become the key elements of human resources. Staff training, proper placement, fair remunerations and proper selection and recruitment do comprise the whole aspect of human resources. Nowadays, there is hr software for small business and enterprises. As we go through all these aspects which comprise human resources, let us put in mind that employees are the most valued assets of the company and if not treated well will lead to the downfall of the organization. The main components of human resources include;

Proper selection and recruitment

The HR officer all the time ensures that whenever there is a vacant position that has been advertised and needs to be filled, fair and proper selection should be done. For the organization to get proper employees to do the job, use of job specification and job specialization should be put in mind.

Select and recruit employees as per the specifications and not who the person is to you. If in any case there is an employee with the job requirements, that employee should be given the priority before outsourcing. If employees are given priority to fill vacant positions advertised by the organization, this will motivate them to continue training themselves.

Communication channels

Employees feel much motivated when they are being listened to, and their views are taken into consideration. For any organization that is ready to compete effectively and gains a competitive advantage over other same organizations in the market, its staff should be involved in decision making and given room to contribute ideally.

The communication channels should be open to everybody and not closed, and this will be ensured by the Human Resource Management team. Through this, this organization will not find it hard to manage its staff but will always be number one in employee satisfaction, and this will give it fame.

Leaves and workoffs

tg2w3ed6fhyed7uj28i9Under the Employment Act, some employee rights should be practiced by the organization. It is the duty of the human resource department to make sure that every employee is entitled to the annual leave, maternity leave, study leave and compassionate leave. All these leaves have their specified days and must be entitled to employees if in any case, the organization wants to progress in business.

Also for those employees who are not on permanent employment terms, they are entitled to days off from the job to refresh the mind. Employees should not continuously work without rest for this will bring about so many accidents within the company.

Remuneration and compensation

The Human Resource team has the responsibility for ensuring that each employee is remunerated fairly as per the nature of the job they are doing. Salary scales should be drawn for every job group to ensure proper compensation. The nature of the job dictates what that job will be paid for. Pay the employees according to their job.…


What To Know Before Buying Refurbished Servers

Refurbished servers are made for companies that have medium IT requirements but have a limited budget. If you are looking for refurbished servers, there are many of them on the market that can meet your company needs. Before you buy, you need to ask these factors that can help you find the right equipment.

Purchasing refurbished servers

Your network requirements

tg23wedfc6h2e8i22You should note that IT networks keep revolving. Thus, there is a need to assess your network taking into account your future needs and the present ones. If you have mid-range IT needs, but your network keeps evolving, you are advised to purchase a server that handles wide-range IT needs.

Asset disposition

You need to check whether the current hardware you have qualifies for asset disposition. You will need to defray the cost of your new server by selling your present one through asset disposition program. The good thing about asset disposition is that it creates a lot of re-sellable hardware. For instance, the amount of money from disposed assets can help offset your expenditure on the new hardware.


Sellers of refurbished servers are known to sell equipment on consignment. This means that a third party carries out refurbishing. Sellers of used hardware and equipment define refurbishment in various ways. It is advisable to purchase refurbished servers from different sellers that carry out refurbishing.


The majority of the buyers refurbished hardware demand some guarantee. A three-month warranty on both parts and labor is acceptable in this industry. However, there are certain sellers that provide long warranties. For instance, some offer a lifetime warranty for the refurbished servers.

Customer service

When it comes to IT hardware, customer service serves two purposes: it offers technical support as part of after-sale services and helps a customer choose the appropriate equipment. Purchasing from sellers that provide pre-sale and after-sale customer support is necessary.

Seller’s references

tg23wedf6cu28ei2It is advisable to contact references of a seller. The good thing about references is that they can assist you to know how the product works. This will help you have an idea of how the product works. Ensure you speak to many references and look out for similarities between their reviews. Ask whether the server started experiencing technical problems after a few months. Also, ask whether the seller was helpful in fixing problems or even replacing the hardware.

Purchasing refurbished servers is an amazing way for businesses to save money on the mid-range hardware. Also, you can get mid-range hardware for a relatively lower price as compared to new mid-range server models on the market.…

Benefits Of A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

454657utretA robotic vacuum cleaner can be defined as a disk shaped automatic vacuum machine that is fitted with sensors and is used for cleaning. The user can program it to clean rugs and floors while they are busy performing other tasks. This type of cleaners are available in a variety of brands, have different capabilities, and they vary in their prices. The online review platform Tgusta argues that buying a robot vacuum cleaner can be helpful to those people who do not have time to do their cleaning. Besides they can give an individual some of the advantages that we are going to highlight below:

Why you should buy a robot vacuum cleaner

Saves time

In today’s world, everybody will tell you that time is money. Most of the families are made up of small children and working parents. In such a family setup, cleaning does not only become time-consuming, but it is also an exhausting task, this is more especially if your home is a large one. But if you have a robotic vacuum cleaner, you are on the safe side as it will perform all the cleaning work. All this it performs by itself, and you will not need to supervise it. By purchase one of this, you will save your time and the effort that you could have used in cleaning.

It is ideal for people who have mobility issues

People who are unable to move, or who have issues with their mobility, can be assisted by robotic vacuum cleaners in performing their cleaning duties. This can be a substitute for the expensive housekeeping services that one is required to hire when they are in such conditions. The machine can be programmed in a way that it can clean the place as often as required while undergoing no or minimal maintenance.

Can clean home when you are away

One other important advantage of a robotic vacuum cleaner is that it can clean your house even when you are away. All you need to do is keep off the floor any obstructive objects and program it accordingly, and it will do the required job.

Minimal maintenance

Another advantage of having a robotic vacuum cleaner is that it will require very minimal maintenance. And if you ensure that the minimal maintenance is up to date, it will last and serve you for a very long period. All you need to do is keep sharp objects out of its way, replace the dust bags regularly and the filters and brushes as required.

Able to clean under the furniture

Another advantage of using a robotic vacuum cleaner is that it has great maneuvering capabilities and flexibility. This will enable it to reach all the darkest corners of the house and under the furniture where a normal vacuum cleaner cannot reach. This will ensure that your home is properly cleaned.…


Impact Of Technology On Healthcare

The health sector has benefited a lot from the improvements in technology. The benefits can be viewed from two perspectives. From the hospital perspective, tools and equipment have been improved to be more effective and efficient. From the lifestyle perspective, many gadgets have been introduced to help you keep track and maintain your health. Below are some of the ways that technology have impacted on health

How technology has improved healthcare

Medical machinery and equipment


Medical practitioners need to use various tools and equipment for diagnosing and treating medical conditions. Technology has seen to it that the tools and equipment are of the highest standards, making the quite effective and efficient in their functions. For example, the imaging machines such as MRI and CT scans can now give clear images of the internal anatomy of patients, which allows the doctors to make a fast and accurate diagnosis. Thanks to improved tools, surgical procedures are now less invasive as well, with higher success rates being recorded.


Technology has seen to it that better and more effective medication are available to patients. This is because researchers are exposed to powerful equipment to help them with drug development and testing. The manufacture of the drugs is also better, meaning that the various medications can be made in various forms such as tablets, nasal sprays, and patches among many others.


There are many events that can result in you losing a limb or any other part of your body. For such a case, doctors will recommend that you use prosthetics, which allows you to retain some functionality of the missing body part. Thanks to technology, the prosthetics are now advanced to offer more functionality. They will ensure that your trauma causes the least possible interference to your lifestyle.


rdtfrd5r76ftte65t7As mentioned earlier, there are many gadgets which have been introduced, that are meant to ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness trackers are a great example for this. They are designed in a way that they will monitor your heart rate and other health indicators, notifying you whenever things are not right. It is a great tool for individuals who are into sports and exercise.

Online platform

You can now communicate with your doctor quite easily via the online platform, at any time that you wish. This makes it possible to get advice and instructions in real time from your doctor without having to commute all the way to the hospital. Thanks to online pharmacies, you can also place an order for your prescribed medicine and get it delivered to you.…

Futuristic Smartphone Features

Thanks to technology, we have seen smartphones evolve from basic communication gadgets to very productive high-tech devices, within just a few years. The trend is likely to continue, with smartphone manufacturing companies investing more in the development of new features. Some of the features that we expect to see in the smartphones that will be released in the near future are explained below.

Smartphone features of the future


The display is obviously going to change for the better. One of the common problems with current smartphone displays is that they can break quite easily. The displays in future will be made of a material that cannot break that easily. Rumors have it that a type of display is in development, which is capable of bending without breaking. The flexible feature will also improve versatility in terms of use.

The smartphones will also have the ability to project images on any surface. This means that you will be able to use whichever surface you prefer as your display. The image projection may also come in the form of a hologram, meaning that you will be able to view the images in three dimensions.


Irrespective of how powerful the battery in you smartphone is, you will have to plug it into a power socket to charge at some point. Well, that is at least for now only. With future smartphones, this will no longer be necessary. A charging system will be included within the phone, which harnesses power from the normal body movements such as walking and uses it to charge the phone continuously. This means that your phone will always have some juice to run it.


eryfjdrtutjdrftgyiuSecurity is always a major concern when it comes to smartphones. A majority of people store lots of private information on their devices. They need to be sure that the information is safe and secured. Current smartphones have a few features that ensure the good security of the devices. Future smartphones will improve quite a lot on this, adding features such as biometric eye scanners to unlock the phone and complex encryptions for private communications.


Smartphone cameras will obviously change a lot as well. There are predictions that soon, they will be able to do nearly everything that other expensive professional cameras are capable of doing. A new feature will be the ability to capture 3D images that can be viewed from the hologram display.…

West Isle Air – Serving the San Juans since 1980


West Isle Air has provided the professional air service to the San Juan Islands that you demand for over 20 years. Offering air freight, inter-Island flights, sightseeing and charter flights throughout the Northwest and Canada.

West Isle Air provides daily passenger flight service to Anacortes, San Juan Islands, Bellingham and Seattle via Boeing Field (van shuttle to Sea-Tac available). Connections are available on all flights to the following islands: Blakely, Center, Decatur, Roche Harbor, Stuart, and Waldron.

RESERVATIONS: Can be made through WEST ISLE AIR or your travel agent. For information, please call reservations at extension 11, 1-800-874-4434, 360-293-4691 or local from the San Juan Islands 375-6311. Reservations for Boeing Field flights must be guaranteed by WIA charge account, credit card, or prepayment. Fare is refunded if space is cancelled by 5 p.m. the night before.

Rental car service is provided in the following locations: Anacortes, Eastsound and Friday Harbor.…