What the rexing dash cam can do for you

The Rexing S300 stands out from other competing brands because of its unique combination of features. It has a wedge shape that makes it easy to install and an adhesive mounting pad that provides permanent mounting. The rotatable lens captures a large area with its wide lens range. Unsurprisingly, the dash cam operates well both
day and night due to its HD quality video. Multiple venting gills make the DVR work well even in extreme temperatures.

Product features

  • Heat resistance

The REXING S300 1080P Dash Cam Pro has a number of air vents that prevent heat from building up. Apart from that, the dash cam has a Li-polymer battery that can work well at a wide range of temperature. In fact, the S300 cam can run for over six hours equally at -40 degree and 170 degrees.

Gravity sensing and memory lock

Dash cams are a necessary accessory in cars and trucks that travel long distances. The Rexing S300 is able to detect changes in gravity including sudden braking, acceleration, and sharp turns. These two features are crucial when providing evidence in case of an accident. The full HD video is locked thus preventing it from being overwritten in a normal loop recording. When a change in gravity is detected, the events recorded are locked in the memory card.

Camera lens

With a 170 degree viewing angle, the Rexing S300 gives a highly detailed picture of the road. Nothing goes unnoticed with the all-seeing lens of this camera. A slowly merging vehicle, a car making a U-turn or a vehicle breaking a lane is easily noticed and this ensures general road safety. It has a six glass lens that works well even in dark conditions. An infrared filter lens prevents fogging even after the DVR has recorded for many hours. The dash cam has very good night vision; it captures fine details in poor light. Posts and signs are also captured in the darkest of night.

Wide Dynamic Range

It has an ultra-wide angle of view at 170 degrees. Mount one at the front and another one at the back and you get an unhindered view of the road. The dash cam has great Wide Dynamic Range technology. It can pick up numerous levels of light almost close to a good digital camera.


It starts recording immediately after ignition. The video is recorded with full HD
resolution capturing even small details vividly such as the license and in case
of an accident, the face of the causer.

Weight and dimensions

3The dash cam has a sleek design that prevents obstruction of the driver while in his seat it weighs around 4.8 ounces with dimensions of 5.1×3.1×1.6” It comes with whistles and bells that speed up the installation process. The dials and buttons are strategically placed. It also has a large LCD screen that allows you to play saved videos.

In conclusion, the Rexing S300 is a must have in every car; those long distances will be less tedious, and you can record good scenic drives. Even with the high pricing, this dash cam is totally worth it. It provides better security and protection when driving. What are you waiting for? Buy one today and enjoy these benefits.