Impact Of Technology On Healthcare

The health sector has benefited a lot from the improvements in technology. The benefits can be viewed from two perspectives. From the hospital perspective, tools and equipment have been improved to be more effective and efficient. From the lifestyle perspective, many gadgets have been introduced to help you keep track and maintain your health. Below are some of the ways that technology have impacted on health

How technology has improved healthcare

Medical machinery and equipment


Medical practitioners need to use various tools and equipment for diagnosing and treating medical conditions. Technology has seen to it that the tools and equipment are of the highest standards, making the quite effective and efficient in their functions. For example, the imaging machines such as MRI and CT scans can now give clear images of the internal anatomy of patients, which allows the doctors to make a fast and accurate diagnosis. Thanks to improved tools, surgical procedures are now less invasive as well, with higher success rates being recorded.


Technology has seen to it that better and more effective medication are available to patients. This is because researchers are exposed to powerful equipment to help them with drug development and testing. The manufacture of the drugs is also better, meaning that the various medications can be made in various forms such as tablets, nasal sprays, and patches among many others.


There are many events that can result in you losing a limb or any other part of your body. For such a case, doctors will recommend that you use prosthetics, which allows you to retain some functionality of the missing body part. Thanks to technology, the prosthetics are now advanced to offer more functionality. They will ensure that your trauma causes the least possible interference to your lifestyle.


rdtfrd5r76ftte65t7As mentioned earlier, there are many gadgets which have been introduced, that are meant to ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness trackers are a great example for this. They are designed in a way that they will monitor your heart rate and other health indicators, notifying you whenever things are not right. It is a great tool for individuals who are into sports and exercise.

Online platform

You can now communicate with your doctor quite easily via the online platform, at any time that you wish. This makes it possible to get advice and instructions in real time from your doctor without having to commute all the way to the hospital. Thanks to online pharmacies, you can also place an order for your prescribed medicine and get it delivered to you.…

Futuristic Smartphone Features

Thanks to technology, we have seen smartphones evolve from basic communication gadgets to very productive high-tech devices, within just a few years. The trend is likely to continue, with smartphone manufacturing companies investing more in the development of new features. Some of the features that we expect to see in the smartphones that will be released in the near future are explained below.

Smartphone features of the future


The display is obviously going to change for the better. One of the common problems with current smartphone displays is that they can break quite easily. The displays in future will be made of a material that cannot break that easily. Rumors have it that a type of display is in development, which is capable of bending without breaking. The flexible feature will also improve versatility in terms of use.

The smartphones will also have the ability to project images on any surface. This means that you will be able to use whichever surface you prefer as your display. The image projection may also come in the form of a hologram, meaning that you will be able to view the images in three dimensions.


Irrespective of how powerful the battery in you smartphone is, you will have to plug it into a power socket to charge at some point. Well, that is at least for now only. With future smartphones, this will no longer be necessary. A charging system will be included within the phone, which harnesses power from the normal body movements such as walking and uses it to charge the phone continuously. This means that your phone will always have some juice to run it.


eryfjdrtutjdrftgyiuSecurity is always a major concern when it comes to smartphones. A majority of people store lots of private information on their devices. They need to be sure that the information is safe and secured. Current smartphones have a few features that ensure the good security of the devices. Future smartphones will improve quite a lot on this, adding features such as biometric eye scanners to unlock the phone and complex encryptions for private communications.


Smartphone cameras will obviously change a lot as well. There are predictions that soon, they will be able to do nearly everything that other expensive professional cameras are capable of doing. A new feature will be the ability to capture 3D images that can be viewed from the hologram display.…