What Human Resources Is All About

Traditionally, the human resource was all about leadership, cohesiveness and the productivity of the organization. The organizational structure, the allocation of power among the managers and the profitability levels were the major compositions of human resources. But today this system has changed due to its consequences and effects on the performance and productivity levels of workers.

Role of human resources

2f3wed5te6dy72u3w82Today, human resources are all about employees and not the company. Employee satisfaction, motivation, and performance have become the key elements of human resources. Staff training, proper placement, fair remunerations and proper selection and recruitment do comprise the whole aspect of human resources. Nowadays, there is hr software for small business and enterprises. As we go through all these aspects which comprise human resources, let us put in mind that employees are the most valued assets of the company and if not treated well will lead to the downfall of the organization. The main components of human resources include;

Proper selection and recruitment

The HR officer all the time ensures that whenever there is a vacant position that has been advertised and needs to be filled, fair and proper selection should be done. For the organization to get proper employees to do the job, use of job specification and job specialization should be put in mind.

Select and recruit employees as per the specifications and not who the person is to you. If in any case there is an employee with the job requirements, that employee should be given the priority before outsourcing. If employees are given priority to fill vacant positions advertised by the organization, this will motivate them to continue training themselves.

Communication channels

Employees feel much motivated when they are being listened to, and their views are taken into consideration. For any organization that is ready to compete effectively and gains a competitive advantage over other same organizations in the market, its staff should be involved in decision making and given room to contribute ideally.

The communication channels should be open to everybody and not closed, and this will be ensured by the Human Resource Management team. Through this, this organization will not find it hard to manage its staff but will always be number one in employee satisfaction, and this will give it fame.

Leaves and workoffs

tg2w3ed6fhyed7uj28i9Under the Employment Act, some employee rights should be practiced by the organization. It is the duty of the human resource department to make sure that every employee is entitled to the annual leave, maternity leave, study leave and compassionate leave. All these leaves have their specified days and must be entitled to employees if in any case, the organization wants to progress in business.

Also for those employees who are not on permanent employment terms, they are entitled to days off from the job to refresh the mind. Employees should not continuously work without rest for this will bring about so many accidents within the company.

Remuneration and compensation

The Human Resource team has the responsibility for ensuring that each employee is remunerated fairly as per the nature of the job they are doing. Salary scales should be drawn for every job group to ensure proper compensation. The nature of the job dictates what that job will be paid for. Pay the employees according to their job.…